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Project Updates



I can't believe that it's June already. The status of our wonderful project is changing quickly!

First, our wax molds where completed and only a small revision was required.  On June 7, I was informed that our production molds are complete and will arrive at the doll production facility on Tuesday, June 11.  However, there are holidays this week and our factory reopens on Wednesday, June 12.  We are expecting to have our first vinyls sometime in the coming 10 days and once approved, full scale production will ensue!

Once the first doll is approved, a sample will be sent to our two clothing factories.  By the time the dolls are finished being made, the clothing and testing should already be done. 

The dolls are painted by hand and there is a chance of a delay in that process because we have to make sure that they look the way we want them to. 

WPXI News Story


A local news story featuring our dolls and our upcoming launch aired on 2/26/13. You can read the story on the WPXI website here!

February 2013


Things are really moving along now! The final sculpt has been approved and the molds are in production.

I am putting the finishing touches on the box, designing the outfit and finishing the Occupational and Speech Therapy social stories.

I spoke with the manufacturer yesterday and he is as excited as we are!

As soon as we have the proto-type, we'll start the big PRE-ORDER push! Keep following me on FACEBOOK!

January 2013


Karen is in the final stages of creation. She'll be making the first cast soon and then we'll "tweak" if necessary. Then we have to raise a lot of money. There is a lot to be said for sharing this dream. A number of people have come forward to help in ways that I didn't expect or anticipate.

We are almost there!


From her sweet hands to her perfect sandal gap, Elle is coming along nicely. Our sculptor, Karen Scott, is nothing short of phenomenal. She has found every nuance of a child with Down Syndrome and showed it's sweetness and charm. We still don't have a definite release date, but we do have high hopes!



Our wonderful sculptor is hard at work creating the perfect face for our new little "person" with Down Syndrome. Karen has looked at hundreds of pictures submitted by all of you. She's also relying on her personal connection to our community. She is trying to capture the joy and simple appreciation that our kids show every day.

Karen's unique gift for turning portraits into three dimensional dolls is remarkable but in this case, she's going further. She's taking parts of different people and creating a brand new "person."

End of May 2012


June 1

Oh Happy Day!! Karen Scott, famous and astounding doll sculptor (www.kscottdolls.com) has agreed to sculpt Ellie! She is a kind, compassionate woman who can translate love into clay and create a doll! We are back on track!

May 2012

Sigh. Another set back. Today I received this letter:

I talked with our sculptor,and offered him all the details,which the Down's doll should be like, however,it's still difficult for him. I know a sculptor in America- she is very skilled for doll's face sculpture. she once made a entire doll for our Australia client,and now she's making another 6 faces for my another USA client.frankly speaking,it's difficult for a chinese sculptor to get an american client's concept and display by the mold,it's the culture difference.

I want to cry. I have so many things finally in place. Last night I talked to my contact a rehabilitation job site for the blind and they are very excited about helping. I finally found the right first outfit. Sigh... no doll.

Calling my lawyer today to finalize some of the paperwork stuff and then all we need is THE DOLL. Still hoping for a Christmas launch. Don't give up!

Current Status as of March 28, 2012


The new design of the doll is on it's way to the sculptor. This updated design should eliminate some of the dressing issues that we encountered with the previous design.

She has been named Eleora, or Ellie for short. Her flexible new design will aid children with less dexterity to dress her more efficiently, and help build confidence.

Our boy doll has not been named yet. Have a great suggestion for a name? I'd love to hear it!

March Update!


Oh things are getting so exciting now! I have been relaying information to the sculptor about the dolls proportions and looking for a reliable supplier for the packaging. The packaging will be reusable; a bed or a trunk of some sort. This creative part is not only really fun, but brings lots of people out of the woodwork who have amazing ideas! If YOU have an amazing idea, I would love to hear it. Contact Us!

The World Down Syndrome Day shirt sale is officially a success! I've had to order shirts three times and transfers twice! It's nifty to think that on March 21, I'll be wearing the same shirt as Steve in Australia, Sarah is Great Britain and Tenya in Ohio. The world is smaller than it was a few short weeks ago!!

I'm adding some totes to the site with the WDSD logo on them and shortly with my newly designed Dolls for Down's logo.

February Update


Feb. 24 - Received word that the sculptor of the dolls will be contacting me for more information. Better to get this all right in this stage of the game. The excitement on our end is EXTREME!! We have provided the artist with many photographs and descriptions and now must hope and pray that God's artistic gift comes through, which I have every confidence that it will.

I also have to tell you that a very kind friend of our family has started a sort of "scholarship fund" for the dolls. We know that there will be some people who will not be able to afford to purchase a doll but will very much need one. So far she's saved funds for two dolls and plans to continue adding. What a loving tribute to my daughter and to children everywhere! When the dolls are in full production, this fund will be made a permanent part of Dolls for Downs and your opportunity to contribute will be announced.

I noted in the last update that I am getting the catalog together. What I didn't tell you is that a very talented local photographer, Matt Gourley, has offered his services to shoot the catalog photos!! His generosity is abundant and appreciated! I'll keep you posted.

FEB. 18 -GULP! I finally put the payments through to get the first dolls. I needed to wait until we had a sufficient buffer so that once we could produce dolls, we wouldn't have to pause in the event of any snafu.

I am happy to report that the company we are working with has been terrific, patient and helpful. I can't wait to get that first doll in my hands.

I am lining up a few friends with kids with Downs to model with the dolls when they come in so that we can put together the first catalog and finally take on real investors.

I suspect this Christmas will be a holiday to remember!

The World Down Syndrome Day shirts have been doing very well. I have another idea. I want to take the logos of various DS organizations world wide and made a shirt with a bunch of them. So many of the logos are just beautiful and in a way, they all unite us.

January Update


Plugging along. Not a lot to report. The waiting is the hardest part! Hopefully we'll have actual doll pictures to post soon!

The December Fundraiser was a success! Thanks to all who ordered!



This month's fundraiser is an all 22k plate Italian Charm bracelet CUSTOM ENGRAVED for only $20!! Not only an incredible value, but 100% of the profits benefit the Dolls for Downs and Disabilities project!



Here is where we stand so far:

November 30,2010

Our pie sale was a success! While we did not quite meet our goal of 100 pies, we did profit enough to finish paying off the sculptor, who will be making all the necessary changes to the doll.

I have an updated photo of what the joint of the doll will look like. I have posted it here so that you can see the superior quality vinyl. Note that due to the cord inside the doll's joint, the legs and arms will move 360 degrees while being secure and durable.

The details of the body are still being finalized but will include wonderful, Down's specific details. As the project progresses, we will be including several other disabilities in our line.

A wonderful, young Occupational Therapist has dedicated her time and efforts to creating various leg, arm and back braces for our dolls which will be available by special order when the dolls debut.

leg joint

leg joint.jpg  



October 12, 2010

I am very sad to report that we won't have the doll for Christmas this year. It is not possible to pull all the elements together in a cohesive package by then.

It is of paramount importance to me personally that each and every doll that goes into the hands of a child is the very best doll friend that we can deliver.

On the bright side, this extra time gives us the opportunity to tweak some ideas and ask for more opinions and suggestions. Thank you so much for your input thus far!

September 24, 2010

The packaging design is coming together nicely. It will be a heavy duty, laminated, reusable box that when opened can be used as a doll bed. It has the added feature of velcro closures both to keep the lid secure and also because velcro is fun and a fine OT tool.

September 21, 2010

The sculptor has been asking lots of questions about the finer details of the hands, feet and legs. There will be single transverse palmar crease on one hand. The other hand is going to be in the shape of the ASL "I LOVE YOU" sign. Many of our kids sign and more importantly, our kids are all about love. As one of my friends is fond of saying, "they aren't born with a mean gene."

The feet will have a sandal gap between the first two toes. The toes will be shorter than typical. Sweet piggie toes.

There will be a slight bend in the arms and legs to facilitate easier dressing.

Mid September


September 13, 2010

Today the first clothing designs were submitted. This process is vital to the success of the project. Every item is being designed and approved by our Occupational and Physical Therapy consultants to insure that we maximize every detail.

I have also begun to form a parental review board that will take a hard look at all the pieces and help make decisions about which things to add next.



September 12, 2010

The WAX mold is the mold used to make the MASS mold. The MASS mold is good for approximately 200 dolls and then a MASS PRODUCTION mold series must be made.

We have the funds for the WAX mold and it will be ordered as soon as we have collected enough funds to finish the MASS molds, which is approximately $980 more.

We only began actively collecting funds on September 1st. The artist has begun to collect the photos that I am forwarding of children that have Downs and a composite face is being made. The trick here is that our kids have a special look about them, but we don't want a stereotype. We want a beautiful, unique individual with Down Syndrome. I have every confidence that our artist will be able to achieve this.

I have a few fundraisers planned, details to follow shortly.

Check back for updates often! Pass the word!! Thank you for your support!



September 2011